Shipping Inspections & UTM Hull Surveys

Whether carrying out asset condition assessments, commercial inspections, vessel assurance services or even routine ship inspections and auditing – Cygnus can supply accurate and reliable ultrasonic thickness measurement instruments ideal for the shipping industry and UTM hull surveys.

With a long-standing history of working closely with ship surveyors and the Cygnus-pioneered Multiple-Echo technique approved by most Classification Societies, we are confident that our thickness testing equipment are well suited to the difficult inspection conditions inside a ship’s hull.

Not only do we manufacture ultrasonic testing equipment for surface-based structural inspection, but we can also supply a metal thickness tester for underwater inspection in-lieu of drydocking.

  • Cygnus 2 PLUS: With ship hull surveys in mind, this UTG has an end-mounted display designed for hands free access so that surveyors can concentrate on measuring metal thickness through paint when carrying out UTM hull surveys.
  • Cygnus 4 PLUS: Featuring sequential data-logging that provides hassle-free reporting, A-scan for visual verification, large LCD display and intuitive menu – this truly is an efficient and simple-to-use metal thickness tester.
  • Cygnus DIVE: Thanks to the large bright display, this underwater UT tester is easily viewable by diver and his camera even when visibility is poor and can also be worn on the diver’s forearm providing an invaluable free hand whilst performing in water survey.