Inspection of Excavators and Undercarriages

Exposure to extreme environments, weather and treacherous terrain are all key factors of corrosion for heavy earthmoving machinery equipment and mining vehicles. But having an effective Asset Integrity Maintenance (AIM) programme in place, that includes ultrasonic thickness measurements as one of the key components, is an efficient way to maintain your fleet. Ultrasonic thickness testing can also be carried out on components such as ball studs, butt joints, rail tracks, track pins, bushes, excavator buckets, shafts and much more.

Cygnus have a selection of MK5 ultrasonic thickness measurement instruments that can be used for undercarriage inspection on all heavy earthmoving machinery equipment, inspection of rope and hydraulic shovel excavators and for GET, dump body and boom structure inspections.

Key benefits of using a Cygnus ultrasonic thickness tester (in particular, Cygnus 4+) include:

  • Results are presented in a PDF report
  • Can view and reference back to historic inspections
  • Assists with the identification of a component residual life
  • Assists with the identification of potential issues that could reduce the component life
  • Assists with cost-performance and measurement of reliability over entire life
  • Monitors dump body condition and any high wear areas.