Subsea and Underwater Inspection Equipment

Cygnus Instruments ultrasonic testing equipment enables fast and efficient maintenance to be performed on subsea structures and underwater equipment that include:

  • Bridges
  • Caissons
  • Canal locks
  • Hawser sections and shackles
  • Jetties, pontoons, piers and pilings
  • Manifolds
  • Offshore rigs and structures
  • Ship hulls
  • Subsea pipelines
  • Support members
  • Well heads.

Such structures require specialized underwater inspection equipment to measure metal thickness in carrying out routine subsea maintenance checks and surveys.

Cygnus has a dedicated range of diver-held, wrist-mounted and ROV Mountable Multiple Echo ultrasonic thickness testers. Cygnus understands the need for a rugged, reliable ultrasonic testing instrument that won’t let you down in these hostile conditions, and our Cygnus Underwater tester has been successful for over 20 years in taking accurate underwater thickness measurements.  It is one of our best sellers and is generally found as standard kit on offshore rigs and structures.

All Cygnus underwater testers and ROV equipment can optionally relay thickness data to the surface (topside) for monitoring, recording or logging purposes.  Our Windows-based software offers a simple interface with the subsea equipment.

  • The Cygnus DIVE is to be worn on the diver’s forearm providing an invaluable free hand whilst performing thickness surveys
  • The Cygnus Underwater is ideal for diver’s and is rated to 300 m depth
  • The Cygnus Mini ROV Mountable is rated to 500 m depth
  • The Cygnus ROV UTM is rated to 3,000 m depth.