Subsea and Underwater Inspection Equipment

Carrying out routine subsea maintenance checks and surveys on subsea structures and underwater equipment can range from corrosion monitoring of canal locks, bridges, and shipping hulls to structural inspection at depths much deeper – such as subsea pipelines, support members and offshore rigs.

With subsea environments being some of the hostile conditions to operate in, it is important to have an underwater ultrasonic thickness tester that is heavy duty and made of a rugged construction. It is also vital to have thickness testing equipment that is reliable and won’t let you down, as things going wrong is a very expensive mistake to make within the subsea and underwater inspection!

  • Cygnus DIVE & Underwater: Both have been designed for use by divers performing underwater inspection in-lieu of drydocking – with the DIVE UTG being wrist-mountable and having a large bright colour display.
  • Cygnus ROV & Mini ROV: Depth rated to 500 meters and to be mounted on to underwater remotely operated vehicles – with the Mini ROV designed for IRM inspection, repair and maintenance that would have otherwise been dangerous for divers or difficult using larger ROVs.
  • Cygnus ROV UTM: Benefiting from live A-scan, piezo-composite probe, self-aligning probe handler, and depth rated to 3,000 meters – the ROV UTM is a highly intelligent ultrasonic thickness tester designed for ROV class inspection.