Road Tankers: Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

Tanker trucks, road tankers, tank trailers, silo trailers, tank truck, bulk trailers and cement trailers are amongst some of the motor vehicle designed to hauling liquids, gases, and dry bulk goods on roads. But these road transporters are susceptible to pitting corrosion, wall thinning and weld metal corrosion due to the corrosive elements that they are exposed to daily.

It is important for operators to carry out routine inspection, repair and maintenance work on these vehicles to ascertain the safety and condition of their fleet, as leaks due to mechanical or structural failure can result in a major accident.

To enable fleet operators to carry out non-destructive testing (NDT) to test the metal thickness we recommend the following Cygnus thickness measurement instruments:

  • Cygnus 4+ General Purpose: A simple to use metal thickness tester, offering sequential data logging providing hassle-free reporting.
  • Cygnus 6+ PRO: ’Maps’ the area of the whole tank ensuring thickness measurements are taken in an organized and repeatable way which can then be represented in reports.
  • Cygnus 1 Ex: Used for inspections in potentially explosive atmospheres.