Rope Access Inspection Equipment

When working at height, either by rope access or climbing, safety is paramount. So, ensuring you have the right portable UTM equipment is vital when carrying out ultrasonic thickness measurement of high structures and other inaccessible places such as offshore structures, bridges, storage tanks, masts, towers and pylons.

Cygnus are a leading non-destructive testing inspection equipment manufacture of thickness measurement instruments and we have developed metal thickness testers ideal for rope access or climbing applications:

  • Cygnus 2+ Hands Free: Can be worn around the surveyor’s neck or clipped to a harness with the UTG display being viewed from above, thanks to its end-mounted LCD display.
  • Cygnus 6+ PRO: Featuring an end-mounted display as well as a large front display. This UTG also benefits from hassle-free reporting with its comprehensive data-logging capabilities.

Cygnus PLUS models all incorporate 3 versatile measuring modes – Multiple-Echo mode, providing accurate through-coat measurements and Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes, ideal for heavily corroded metals with thin or no coatings.