Measuring Metal Thickness Through Paint - Storage Tanks

Fuel depot tanks, propane gas cylinders, water storage tanks, effluent tanks, pressure vessels, air cylinders for divers as well as commercial and domestic LPG tanks is a small list of storage tanks that are susceptible to metal deterioration as a result of corrosive elements. It is important to carry out regular inspections of these storage tanks to prevent accidental leaks and contamination.

When using the Cygnus-pioneered Multiple-Echo technique, Cygnus ultrasonic thickness measurement instruments are perfectly capable of measuring metal thickness through paint – providing only the remaining metal thickness measurement, ignoring coatings and corrosion!

  • Cygnus 1 Ex: An ATEX ultrasonic thickness tester developed for potentially explosive atmospheres, so that plant shutdown and hot work permits are not necessary.
  • Cygnus 6 PLUS: Ideal for logging thickness measurements on symmetrical storage tanks, ensuring that measurements are taken in a methodical manner, and transferred data from the UTG to a computer or spreadsheet for reporting.
  • Cygnus 2 PLUS: Designed for surveys carried out by rope access, thanks to its end-mounted display.