Ultrasonic Surface Thickness Gages

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gages

Cygnus Instruments produce a wide variety of thickness gages for use in all environments. Our full range is designed to be as hard wearing as possible, but still maintaining comprehensive functionality and unrivalled versatility at prices that will surprise you. Our range of Ultrasonic surface gages presents you with the best means of determining a material’s thickness whilst preserving the surface itself. This method is called NDT or Non-Destructive Testing. There are many applications for such a method, including:
Ultrasonic Surface Thickness Gages

  • Ship Hulls
  • Anchor Chains
  • Pipelines
  • Shielding
  • Fuselages
  • Storage Vessels
  • Many more

If you’re looking to complete routine inspections of various equipment and structures, ultrasonic surface thickness gages provide a very accurate means to determine if a structure is decaying. Using repeat readings over several site visits will enable you to see the metal corrosion, and our instruments will give you accurate readings of the thickness of the metal remaining.

How Do Ultrasonic Surface Thickness Gages Work?

Ultrasonic thickness gages work by sending a sonic pulse of a certain frequency into the metal and measuring the reverberation or echo. The measurement is based on the time it takes for the echo to pass through the material and bounce off the rear wall. There are two methods of utilizing the frequency to achieve different results. Firstly, if you’d like to know the entire depth of the surface including coatings and corrosion, then only one echo reading is required. This method is called Single Echo or Echo-Echo. They typically use twin crystal probes. Second is the Multiple Echo Mode, which gives you an accurate reading of the metal surface alone. This is a more complex method, but our ultrasonic surface thickness gages can complete the calculations with ease. The process uses a single pulse which reverberates through the material multiple times, and the first three readings are recorded. The reason three echoes can be used to determine the delay between echoes to calculate the thickness of the coating. If a single echo is used, one timing will be recorded.

Ultrasonic Surface Thickness Gages

The Technical Information

The ultrasonic thickness gages would record T = 2n + 2(3N), where T is the time, n is the metal thickness, and N is the coating thickness. The equation is thus because ultrasonic waves travel through metal three times faster than the coating. The first ultrasonic wave will partially echo back through the material when it reaches the boundary between the material and coating. This produces another reading, which will give the equation T2 = 2n + 3N because the second echo has only passed through the coating once. A second repetition of the process gives T3 = 2n + 3N. T2 and T3 will be the same, with a small margin accounting for material and coating density fluctuations. Therefore using T1 and the average for T2 and T3, our instruments solve them as simultaneous equations to eliminate the value of the coating and thus give you an accurate measurement of the material’s thickness alone.

Our Range of Ultrasonic Thickness Gages

Cygnus Instruments have a range of devices to suit any situation. Our ultrasonic surface thickness gages come with different options, displays, outputs, data recording methods and data transfer methods. Our simplest options, like the Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe is perfect if you need quick and simple readings. It’s rugged and shock-proof for hostile environments and can withstand constant usage. Cygnus 2 is a hands-free variant and utilizes an end-mounted rotatable display for ease of use. Both of these devices have multiple echo capabilities and are perfect when used as everyday ultrasonic thickness gages. The Cygnus 6+ Pro is designed for professional users who require in-depth information and maximum utility. It features the widest range of settings, including:

  • A-Scan
  • Real-time B Scan
  • Manual and Automatic Gain Control
  • Bluetooth
  • MSITM (Measurement Stability Indicator) – used in single-echo and echo-echo modes
  • Dual Display – LCD front display, OLED top mounted display
  • Deep Coat Mode – up to 20mm thick coatings
  • 3 Format for Data Logging – Sequential, Grid and Template
  • Many more

We also offer ultrasonic surface thickness gages for underwater usage, like our aptly named Cygnus Underwater. It’s suitable for depths of up to 300m and a long 30-hour continuous use battery life. Alternatively, if you’re looking to exceed these depths, our choice of ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) underwater ultrasonic surface thickness gages. The M5-ROV-4K is depth tested and pressure rated to depths of up to 4,000 meters. Whatever your requirements are for ultrasonic thickness gages, Cygnus Instruments can provide unparalleled products.

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