Thickness Measurement Tool

Are you looking for the best thickness measurement tool available for your industry? If you are, then you need to call the team at Cygnus Instruments today on +1 410 267 9771. We have the most extensively comprehensive range of equipment that will help you excel in your job role and maintain great standards of work. Get in touch with our team and we will happily help you select the best device for your requirements.

Superior Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Equipment

When it comes to choosing a thickness measurement tool, it always pays to make sure you are using the finest supplier. In this regard, you will be pleased to hear that our team has narrowed down the logical options to just one.

Cygnus Instruments is the world’s leading company for pioneering new and innovative technological developments for the thickness measuring tool. We have been pushing the boundaries of what our devices are capable of since the start and it has put us head and shoulders above the competition.

Our Range Of Devices For Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Thickness Measurement Tool

If you are looking for a simple, yet ergonomic and easy to use device that gives you consistently reliable results, then our Cygnus One Intrinsically Safe is your best option. Its deceptively simple design betrays the delicate and complex electronics inside that allow this thickness measurement tool to utilize our very own Multiple Echo measurement method.

Alternatively, if you are a professional user and need a more complete approach to your work, then nothing tops of the latest Mark V Cygnus 6+ Pro. It houses the finest ultrasonic thickness testing electronics and gives you the ability to utilize all three measurement methods when using the corresponding probes.

Whatever you requirements, our team are well versed in helping our clients choose the most effective item for them. There is no need to have a device as functionally diverse as the 6+ Pro if you are only going to be doing one type of ultrasonic thickness testing. However, you don’t want to be caught short and not have the features you need if you are taking on multiple types of measurements.

Multiple Echo Thickness Measurement Tool – What Is “Multiple Echo”?

There are three methods that are commonly used by ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment, which are Single Echo, Echo-Echo, and Multiple Echo. The first two are very useful for measuring uncovered materials, which is to say, surfaces that don’t have a coating on them.

The coating can be anything from paint and rust to limescale and dirt. Any coating will throw off the measurement (Echo-Echo can measure through a coating of just 2mm). This is useful for materials that resist corrosion completely and are clean, but not useful for many real world applications.

Cygnus Instruments recognized the need for a way to measure through coatings and pioneered the Multiple Echo method. It uses three separate measurements from a single ultrasonic pulse from the thickness measurement device and, using small discrepancies between the results, the coating can be eliminated. This is vital for things such as measuring corrosion on ship hulls and anchor chains and much more.

Why Choose A Thickness Measurement Tool From Us?

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we have been paving the way for the thickness measuring tool to become better and better for over 30 years since our establishment. Our team has gone from strength to strength, which has led us to become the world’s leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of ultrasonic devices.

Our extensive range of ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment covers any industry because we have handheld, underwater, ROV mountable, and hatch cover testing devices. No matter your requirements, you need a Cygnus at your side.

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