Underwater Thickness Gages

Are you looking for effective and reliable underwater thickness gages? If so, look no further than Cygnus Instruments. Founded in 1983, and as pioneers of the industry standard Multiple Echo technique, our experience and range of high-quality products make us your obvious choice. To find out more, contact our helpful team by calling us on +44 (0)1305 265533 today.

The most effective and reliable underwater thickness gages

At Cygnus Instruments, we understand that our clients seek only the highest quality underwater ultrasonic thickness gages to provide an accurate and reliable reading every time. With over fifteen years of experience, and as pioneers of the industry standard Multiple Echo technique, you can trust that you’ll receive just that. Our exceptional range of underwater thickness gages measures using the Multiple Echo technique, which uses multiple pulses and provides verified thickness readings. A selection of our products now features Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes, which measure for extreme corrosion and pitting. You’ll find more advice and guidance on this on our multiple measuring modes page. At Cygnus Instruments, we provide the following underwater thickness gauges, and more:
Underwater Thickness Gages

  • Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe
  • Cygnus 2 Hands-Free
  • Cygnus 2+ Hands-Free
  • Cygnus 4 General Purpose
  • Cygnus 4+ General Purpose
  • Cygnus 6+ Pro

To find out more about our accurate and reliable underwater thickness gage range, contact our helpful team by calling us on +44 (0)1305 265533 today.

The first choice for your underwater thickness gage

With roots in the marine inspection services, we dedicate ourselves to driving innovation and invest heavily in market research. Typically used in ship hull and rope access surveys, as well as underwater inspections and explosive environments, we strive to continually raise the level of standard for accurate measurement readings. As well as offering the finest underwater thickness gage range, we have a variety of accessories to enhance the quality of your readings. This includes the following, and much more:

  • Cycling Software
  • ‘O’ Rings
  • Cygnus Underwater Switch Assembly
  • Replacement Lanyard for Cygnus Dive
  • Screen Protector for Cygnus Drive
  • Silicone Grease

Head over to our accessories page to find out more about our vast range of exceptionally high-quality thickness gauge accessories, or get in touch with our helpful team today.

Why choose Cygnus Instruments for your underwater thickness gages?

With offices in the UK, USA, Singapore, UAE and more, we’re proud to offer our outstanding underwater thickness gauges worldwide. We guarantee to offer you the highest-quality and most reliable services. For your complete ease of mind, we’re an ISO-9001 certified company, with intrinsically safe certifications (BASEEFA and CSA). All of our equipment is built in the UK using only genuine and original parts and components, such as Lemo® Connectors. With a three year warranty, you can rest assured that our high-quality products are built to last, as only our clients would expect. However, if your thickness gage is not functioning as it should, don’t despair. Our dedication to providing you with the highest quality service means that we offer our unique calibration or repairs service to put things right. Simply fill out our web form, and we’ll send you instructions on how and where to send your gauge for quick and effective repairs. Do you still need convincing that Cygnus Instruments offer the best underwater thickness gauge range? Have a read through some of our glowing reviews from many of our happy customers, and FAQ’s which may answer any questions you have. Be sure to look at our videos of underwater thickness gauges and our ultrasonic thickness gauges to see why we supply the highest quality thickness gauges on the market.


To find out more about the most reliable and effective underwater thickness gauges, contact our helpful team by calling us on +44 (0)1305 265533 today. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@cygnus-instruments.com, or fill out our simple online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.