Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Device

Are you looking for the finest ultrasonic thickness measuring device available on the global market? If so, then you have certainly come to the right place as Cygnus Instruments has been creating the highest quality gauges for over 30 years. To find out more about each device, place your order or ask our customer care team some more questions before committing to a purchase, please do not hesitate to call us at your earliest convenience on 01305 265 533 – we are here to help.

Our ultrasonic thickness measuring device

When it comes to ultrasonic thickness gauges, no other ultrasonic thickness gauge can compare to the accuracy and simplicity of use of a Cygnus Instruments product. On top of the extremely user friendly interface and the free 3-year warranty, you will find our gauges to be very robust and easily able to withstand adverse conditions. Our products will allow you to ignore coatings of up to 20 millimeters in thickness.

Believe it or not – in the company that I belong to, we have an old Cygnus 2 since 1990. We compare it to other devices that we have and the comfortability of Cygnus is incredible – there are certain surfaces that others cannot measure. And our Cygnus has not got the possibility to calibrate but when we test it with the block, it’s always correct.” –Rafael Medina

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we offer the finest selection of ultrasonic thickness gauges you will be able to find anywhere. All products measure using the innovative Multiple Echo Technique that will provide accurate and error checked thickness readings while efficiently ignoring coatings. Please follow the links below to find out more about each available device:

Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Device

Reasons to choose a Cygnus Instruments ultrasonic thickness measuring device

Regardless of whether you have already used an ultrasonic thickness measuring device by Cygnus Instruments or you are still in the process of trying to find the perfect gauge, we would highly recommend that you take some time to browse through our website. You will be able to find out even more about Cygnus and how exactly we have become the number one manufacturer in the world.

I would like to express our appreciation regarding Cygnus Instruments support during a recent umbilical manufacturing verification project. Your customer service was exemplary and we are impressed by the legibility of the readout on the MK5 gauge. Thanks for your assistance.” –Stewart Duthie

You will also be able to find out more about our warranty terms and technical support. Don’t forget to read through our dedicated testimonials page for a collection of customer reviews. You will be able to see what our satisfied past clients have to say about our ultrasonic thickness gauge and why they regularly recommend us to their industry colleagues. Additionally, you will find our product registration form that will activate your free 3-year manufacturer warranty.

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