Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Tool

Are you in an industry that requires the use of a professionally designed and adaptable ultrasonic thickness measurement tool? If you are then you need to call Cygnus Instruments today on +44 (0) 1305 265 533. Our friendly team will be able to help you choose from our range of latest Mark V ultrasonic surface thickness gauges.

Superior Surface Thickness Measurement Gauge Range

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Tool
When it comes to getting the most out of an ultrasonic thickness measurement device, you need to know what your specific industry requires in terms of features. Our range, here at Cygnus Instruments, covers every step of the ladder, from simple procedures that don’t require a great range of features to complex analytics and data processing with an unparalleled scope.

Sometimes less is more

In an industry where you only need to collect measurements using an ultrasonic thickness measurement device, you will not require a device that can measure using different scanning, detection, and data logging modes. Our Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe is the best option for the professional user which wants the closest thing to a “plug and play” surface thickness measurement gauge. This device uses a single crystal probe to measure the thickness of a material using the multiple echo measuring mode. This method is available through the range of ultrasonic thickness gauges and was pioneered by the team here at Cygnus Instruments. It has revolutionized the way ultrasonic surface thickness gauges are used by being able to ignore a material’s coating up to a max coating depth of 20mm.

When more is more

If you are looking for the best of the best, then the Cygnus 6+ Pro mark V ultrasonic thickness measurement tool is the pinnacle of the market. It possesses unbeaten flexibility, data logging, graphical presentation, data export and collation, and much more. One of the most impressive features is that this surface thickness measurement gauge can use all three measurement modes (single echo, echo to echo, and multiple echo) thanks to its compatibility with both twin crystal and single crystal probes.

Why choose our ultrasonic surface thickness gauges?

At Cygnus Instruments, we have over 30 years of experience leading the industry and conceiving new ideas that have changed the world of the ultrasonic thickness measurement tool. Our team of expert engineers, technicians, researchers, and fabricators go above and beyond in all aspects of their work to make sure you are getting the absolute best ultrasonic thickness measurement tester for your role and requirements. Every device we produce, from the Cygnus 1 to the Cygnus 6+ Pro and everything in between, is designed to be durable and reliable. Each ultrasonic thickness measurement tool has a shock-proof, twin-shot injection moulded casing. This means they are light, but resistant to damage from impacts, such as being dropped. The Cygnus Instruments’ range is available and utilized in over 30 countries around the world, and we are widely regarded as the best designers and manufacturers for the ideal ultrasonic thickness measurement tool selection. With worldwide shipping and a reliable logistics network, you can rest assured that your surface thickness measurement gauge is the best and will get to you quickly and safely.

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