Ultrasonic Tester Intrinsically Safe

Are you looking to purchase an ultrasonic tester? Intrinsically safe operation is a vital necessity for operating any device where there is a potentially explosive atmospheric mixture present. To ensure safe operation, we at Cygnus Instruments designed and built the Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe. This device is robust, easy to use, highly accurate and, most importantly, safe to use in hazardous environments. If you’d like to learn more about it, just give us a call on +1 410 267 9771.

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Where there is a potentially explosive atmosphere mixture present, particular in its most volatile state, the chance of an explosion is high. It only takes a small trigger, even something as small as a handheld device could be enough. But if you’re using the right device, the risk is mitigated entirely. At Cygnus Instruments, we supply a range of ultrasonic tester intrinsically safe devices – the Cygnus 1.

With the Cygnus 1 in hand, you’re free to test the thickness of surfaces safe in the knowledge that you won’t be put at risk by the device itself. The reason for this is because this intrinsically safe ultrasonic device does not general sufficient thermal or electrical energy to ignite an explosive atmospheric mixture. This applies even to devices which aren’t operating normally. And this is just scratching the surface of what makes the Cygnus 1 such a great device to have.

The Only Ultrasonic Tester Intrinsically Safe Device You’ll Ever Need

The Cygnus 1 comes with the Multiple-Echo mode as standard. We pioneered this testing mode as a reliable means of testing thicknesses without having to remove protective coatings. It can even detect through rust and corrosion. Coatings of up to 6mm can be ignored (or up to 20mm with Deep Coat mode), thanks to a series of three pulses transmitted by the single crystal probe head.

By measuring the distance between each pulse feedback, this intrinsically safe ultrasonic tester can accurately gauge thicknesses other devices would struggle with. Great news if you’re looking for a device that allows for repeatable, reliable results. As for the device itself, our thickness testing devices are all built with robustness in mind. These devices can withstand being knocked or dropped with the wiring and circuitry fully protected.

When you purchase an ultrasonic tester intrinsically safe option from Cygnus Instruments, you can be assured that it’ll provide you and your team with many years of reliable service.

Kit Contents

To ensure that you get the most out of your new intrinsically safe ultrasonic testing device, we supply every Cygnus 1 with all the necessary attachments and accessories, including:

  • Battery Module
  • Calibration Jumper Lead
  • Heavy Duty Remote Probe
  • Instrument Body
  • O-Rings and Membranes
  • And More!

Each ultrasonic tester intrinsically safe comes with two rechargeable batteries that provide the unit with up to 12 hours of continuous testing. And to provide extra protection, a protective case will also be supplied. More information concerning this device can be found on our website. And if you have any questions, you’re always welcome to give our team a call on +1 410 267 9771.

Come to Cygnus Instruments for an Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Testing Device That’s Second-to-None

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At Cygnus Instruments, the quality of our products is integral to our success. We’ve always placed the interests of our customers first, and this has driven us to engineer products which are built with their needs in mind. Through lengthy research and development and on-going marketing, we’ve put together an impressive range of products, including our ultrasonic tester intrinsically safe.

And we developed the Multiple-Echo mode too – a mode that has since become an industry standard. For those looking for Single or Echo-to-Echo enabled devices, we also offer our PLUS+ range. Simply put; we have all the bases covered.

As a company, we’re immensely proud of our ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation. This goes to show our customers that we mean what we say – we’re committed to developing exceptional products, like our intrinsically safe ultrasonic tester. Plus, with our global network of service centers, we’re always available to provide assistance when you need it.

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If you’re looking to make your next purchase an ultrasonic tester, intrinsically safe options such as the Cygnus 1 should be top of your list. And if you’d like to learn more about the Cygnus 1, just give Cygnus Instruments a call today on +1 410 267 9771.