Metal Thickness Testing Equipment

Are you looking for a reliable and non-destructive way of detecting the depth of a metallic surface? If you are, you need to call the experts at Cygnus Instruments today on +1 410 267 9771. We have been leading the industry by producing unparalleled metal thickness testing equipment that is used in almost every industry around the world.

Superior Ultrasonic Metal Thickness Gauge Options

When it comes to the engineering of material thickness testing equipment, you need to know that you are getting reliable results every time. Ensuring that your results are accurate can be of paramount importance, especially if you are testing in a potentially volatile environment (like a gas or oil pipeline). This means that you need to use an ultrasonic metal thickness gauge that is the pinnacle of modern technology. This is where Cygnus Instruments’ range of metal thickness testing equipment is ideal. Our various examples of an ultrasonic metal thickness gauge are available in over 30 counties worldwide and are used in almost every industry that uses engineering material thickness testing. This includes sectors such as:

Metal Thickness Testing Equipment

  • Aerospace
  • Aeronautical
  • Defence
  • Marine Vessels
  • Off-Shore Oil Rigs
  • Many More!

We are a trusted and well respected ultrasonic metal thickness gauge designer, engineer, and manufacturer. Our name has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.

Multiple Echo

Unlike Single Echo and Echo Echo measurement methods, our pioneering Multiple Echo method is able to accurately complete engineering material thickness testing even if the material itself is underneath a coating up to 20mm thick. This includes rust and corrosion so that you can reliably gauge the remaining material that is structurally sound. This method has been adopted as the industry standard because of its revolutionary performance characteristics. The ability to ignore coatings and corrosion to complete engineering material thickness testing on the remaining metal is crucial to keeping a great number of systems in the green and operating safely and efficiently.

Our Products

If you want metal thickness testing equipment that is as close to “plug and play” as it gets, something to just switch on, calibrate, and go, then you need the Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe. This is ideal if you are needing to complete a large number of simple and fairly similar measurements, due to its straightforward and easy to use design. For a high level, professional user who is needing metal thickness testing equipment that can tackle any situation reliably and comprehensively, then nothing compares to the Cygnus 6+ Pro. With unbeatable functionality, including; advanced data analytics, graphical representation, data exportation, multiple scanning modes, and more, it is the finest metal thickness testing equipment available. The Cygnus 6+ Pro metal thickness testing equipment is compatible with all three types of measurement method (Single echo, echo echo, and multiple echo) due to its ability to use single crystal probes (for multiple echo) and double crystal probes (for single and echo echo).

Why Choose Us?

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we take pride in being the world leading researchers, designers, engineers, and manufacturers of metal thickness testing gauge. Our range is developing all the time due to our unique insight and innovative developments. Founded in 1983, we have gone from strength to strength and been the cornerstone for revolutionizing the way ultrasonic measurement is used. The capabilities for ultrasonic metal thickness testing gauge is endless and we are exploring all the possibilities to improve the engineering world and improve safety everywhere.

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