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Atex Certified Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

At Cygnus Instruments, we have over 40 years of pioneering expertise in the field of ultrasonic thickness gauging melds with cutting-edge technology to offer unparalleled solutions. As the original developers of digital Multiple-Echo technology, we pride ourselves on engineering devices that are not just innovative but are tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide.

If you’re in the market for ATEX thickness gauges, you’ve come to the right place. Our gauges are designed with precision and safety in mind, especially crucial in environments where explosive atmospheres are a concern.

Our instruments are crafted to ensure accurate readings and reliability in hazardous areas, embodying our commitment to delivering quality and safety without compromise.

Should you wish to discuss how our ATEX-certified thickness gauges can meet your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at +65 6252 5909. We’re not just selling products; we’re providing solutions that keep you safe and your operations running smoothly.

The Best Choice for Thickness Testing in Explosive Atmospheres

Navigating the intricate world of ATEX ultrasonic thickness gauges is a journey of paramount importance, especially for professionals operating within explosive atmospheres. These instruments are not mere tools; they are vital safeguards in environments where the margin for error is non-existent, and where precision and safety are of utmost priority.

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes these gauges in the context of hazardous conditions? Or consider how the right choice of gauge can transcend mere compliance with rigorous standards to significantly enhance your operational efficiency. In the realm of explosive atmospheres, these aren’t just theoretical considerations but essential queries demanding informed answers.

As we delve into the depths of this subject, we’ll unveil the delicate yet powerful interplay between advanced technology, uncompromising safety, and exceptional functionality that lies at the heart of ATEX-certified gauges.

Join us in this exploration to comprehend how these devices are not just conforming to, but revolutionising the measurement standards in explosive atmospheres, thereby transforming the landscape of industrial safety and efficiency.

Introducing the Cygnus 1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Introducing our Cygnus 1 Ex Advanced Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – a beacon of reliability and safety for measuring thickness in hazardous environments. It’s specifically crafted for Zone 0 explosive atmospheres, making it an ideal choice for fuel depots, chemical plants, and the oil and gas industry.

This robust, handheld gauge holds certifications for intrinsically safe operation to ATEX, IECEx, and UKEX standards in Zone 0 areas, allowing for maximum safety without the need for hot work permits.

Key features of the Cygnus 1 Ex include an upcoming high-temperature measurement function, three different measuring modes to adapt to varying corrosion levels and material types, and a Deep Coat function that effectively disregards thick coatings.

The Manual Measurement Mode offers customisable gate and gain settings. Additionally, Live A-Scans and B-scans provide real-time visual verification of measurements and quick cross-sectional views.

Designed for user-friendliness, the Cygnus 1 Ex has four function keys for easy control and navigation, plus a User Access function for enhanced data security. Its settings can be saved and restored for speedy operation, featuring a Measurement Freeze function and adjustable Ref/Min/Max thickness limits for added convenience.

Boasting a durable, IP67-rated enclosure, the gauge also supports Bluetooth for easy data transfer to CygLink software. Available in SC, TC, PLUS, and PRO models, the Cygnus 1 Ex offers a variety of upgradable features to meet diverse application needs.


The Cygnus 1 Ex is expertly designed to cater to a broad range of materials, boasting a sound velocity range from 1000 m/s to 9000 m/s [0.0390 in/us to 0.3543 in/us]. Precision is at the forefront of its design, offering an accuracy of ±0.1 mm (±0.004”) or 0.1% of the thickness measurement, whichever is greater.

The device provides adaptable resolution settings of 0.1mm, 0.05mm, or 0.01mm, varying according to the probe type used.

Battery life is substantial, supporting 6-8 hours of continuous operation. This endurance is key for powering its user-friendly 3.5” VGA, sunlight-readable colour screen, an essential feature for outdoor work environments.

The device is practically sized for field usage, measuring 270mm in height, 135mm in width, and 80mm in depth, and maintains a lightweight profile at just 1 kg with the battery. It’s built to endure tough conditions, evidenced by its IP67 environmental protection rating and suitability for pollution degree 3 environments.

Adhering to the stringent requirements of BS EN 15317:2000, this ATEX-certified gauge stands as a symbol of quality and dependability. For a detailed overview of its features and capabilities, a full specification sheet is available on its designated product page.

Compatible Probes

Our range of ATEX-certified gauges is available in several variants, each tailored to meet specific measurement needs in hazardous environments.

It’s important to note that all variants, except the TC (Twin Crystal) variant, are compatible with single crystal probes. On the other hand, all variants, excluding the SC (Single Crystal) variant, can be used with twin crystal probes.

Twin crystal probes are particularly effective for measuring heavily corroded metals. They excel in single echo or echo-echo modes, providing reliable data even in challenging conditions. These probes are a vital tool for industries where corrosion is a significant concern, ensuring precise measurements and maintaining safety standards.

In contrast, single crystal probes are more suited for recording measurements in Multiple-Echo mode. This mode is advantageous for a variety of applications, offering versatility and accuracy.

Whether you’re dealing with single or twin crystal probes, our range of gauges ensures you have the right equipment to tackle the unique challenges presented by explosive atmospheres and corrosion-prone environments.

Available Variants

Our ATEX gauge range encompasses four distinct variants, each tailored to specific needs and applications in hazardous environments:

SC Variant: Exclusively for Single Crystal probe use. This variant is equipped with features like 1- & 2-point calibration, a comprehensive materials list, and a measurement hold function. Unique to the SC is the Deep Coat mode, enabling accurate measurements through coatings.

TC Variant: Designed solely for Twin Crystal probe use. It shares the basic functionalities of the SC, such as 1- & 2-point calibration, materials list, and measurement hold. A standout feature of the TC variant is its auto probe detection, simplifying the operational process.

PLUS Variant: A versatile option, the PLUS accommodates both Single and Twin Crystal probes. This variant offers all the measuring modes available in the SC and TC, along with additional advanced features for more complex applications.

PRO Variant: The most comprehensive option, suitable for both Single and Twin Crystal probes. The PRO variant not only includes all the features of the other models but also boasts the broadest range of capabilities. Notable enhancements include high temperature measurement capability and advanced data logging features, making it ideal for more demanding and intricate measurement tasks.

Each variant of our ATEX gauge is designed to cater to the diverse needs of professionals working in hazardous environments, offering a range of functionalities to ensure precision, safety, and efficiency.

Understanding ATEX Certification for Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX, derived from the French “ATmosphères EXplosibles”, is a set of European Union regulations designed to ensure the safety of equipment and protective systems used in hazardous areas. These regulations are essential for preventing accidents due to explosive atmospheres, which can occur when gases, vapours, mists, or dusts combine with air under certain conditions.

ATEX certification applies to all equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres, assessing aspects such as electrical and non-electrical components, design, and manufacturing processes to ensure they meet strict safety standards.

Compliance with ATEX is mandatory for equipment sold in the European Union. It involves rigorous testing and evaluation to verify that the equipment can safely operate in environments where there is a risk of explosion.

For testing instruments like ultrasonic thickness gauges, ATEX certification means they can be safely used in these explosive environments without igniting the surrounding atmosphere. This is vital in industries such as oil and gas, mining, and chemical manufacturing, where accurate and safe testing is critical.

Key Features of ATEX-Certified Gauges

ATEX-certified gauges are designed to ensure safety and accuracy in explosive atmospheres, a critical aspect for industries dealing with hazardous environments.

Here are some key features:

Intrinsically Safe Design: These gauges are built to prevent ignition in explosive environments. Their electrical and mechanical components are engineered to avoid generating sparks or heat that could trigger an explosion.

Robust Calibration and Measurement Accuracy: Precision is paramount in hazardous environments. ATEX-certified gauges offer precise calibration capabilities and accurate thickness measurements, crucial for maintaining safety standards and equipment integrity.

Compatibility with Diverse Materials: They can accurately measure a wide range of materials, adapting to different industrial needs while maintaining safety.

Durability and Environmental Resistance: Built to withstand harsh conditions, these gauges often have high IP ratings for water and dust resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Ease of Use and Data Accessibility: Designed for field use, they often feature user-friendly interfaces, data logging, and connectivity options for easy data transfer and analysis.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: ATEX-certified gauges adhere to strict European safety regulations, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards for equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

These features collectively make ATEX-certified gauges a vital tool for industries operating in potentially explosive environments, where safety and precision are non-negotiable.

Why Purchase ATEX-Certified Thickness Gauges from Us?

Based in the South-West of the UK since 1983, Cygnus Instruments has a rich history of innovation and expertise in non-destructive testing, especially in the marine and shipping industry.

Our journey began with the crucial task of simplifying the process of ships’ hull testing. We revolutionised the field by developing a lightweight, digital ultrasonic thickness tester, pioneering the Multiple-Echo technique. This allowed reliable thickness measurements through thick marine coatings, a standard still recognised by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

Today, we stand as a beacon of quality and reliability in ultrasonic testing. Our product range has expanded, driven by market research and a keen focus on customer feedback. We have also developed an ultrasonic leak detection system for weathertight hatch covers and tightness testing of closing equipment.

Our commitment to quality and care is evident in our ISO-9001 certification and intrinsically safe certifications from EX Veritas and CSA. At Cygnus Instruments, we not only offer products; we provide solutions built on decades of expertise, designed for the toughest environments, and tailored to meet the evolving needs of our diverse clientele.

Customer Reviews

Discover why our clients trust Cygnus Instruments for their ATEX thickness gauge needs. Visit our reviews page to read firsthand experiences from professionals who have navigated the challenges of explosive atmospheres with our solutions.

Our clients’ feedback is a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of our products in ensuring safety and precision. Their stories highlight our commitment to excellence and our role in mitigating risks in explosive environments.

By exploring these reviews, you’ll gain insights into how our ultrasonic thickness gauges stand up to the demands of complex and hazardous conditions, and how they can benefit your operations too.

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